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If there is a question you have about the ABQ Find Customer Localty Program or buying local in Albuquerque, then contact us to get it answered!

For Consumers:
When consumers open a Localty account and shop at any of our Customer Localty businesses, they earn Localty Points for their purchases. When a certain number of Localty Points are earned, they can be redeemed for Localty Discount Coupons to be used at any Customer Localty business.

For Businesses:
By signing up as a paid member on ABQ Find, businesses are automatically enrolled in the Customer Localty program and are able to take advantage of ABQ Find's consumers buying their goods or using their services. Consumers will show their Customer Localty program card at checkout and they will earn a point for shopping at your locally-owned business. Eventually, you will get a customer who comes in with a Customer Localty Discount Coupon that they have earned and will deduct that amount from their total sale.

Answers for your questions. If you have other questions, call us at 505-217-3563 or email us at service@abqfind.com

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