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The ABQ Find Customer Localty Program was designed to help support locally-owned businesses in the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area as well as give consumers incentives to buy more often from those locally owned businesses instead of chains and franchises.

ABQ Find's Customer Localty Program was created in 2011 to provide incentives for businesses and consumers to foster an environment of supporting more locally-owned businesses. When consumers who have a Customer Localty account shop with locally-owned businesses who are enrolled in the Localty program, they earn points towards Localty Discount Coupons that can be redeemed at any of our Localty businesses.

By offering consumers an incentive to shop with our members, we give consumers the opportunity to see what it's like to "buy local" and "shop closer" while providing a larger customer base to locally-owned small businesses while simultaneously increasing sales for them. It's defintely a win-win for the entire Albuqueruqe metro area and there's nothing else like it in town!

Open a Business or Customer Localty account today. There is absolutely no cost for consumers to enroll and start earning points.

As a local business owner and entrepreneur, I hope that consumers all over the city can learn what a benefit there is in shopping locally; not only in the jobs it will create, but also in the overall quality of life that is improved as the increased revenue trickles around town locally instead of instantly being shipped out of state. Together we can create an impact and I hope that the incentives that the ABQ Find Customer Localty Program offers to both consumers and local businesses alike will only improve the community feel that the Albuquerque area possesses. I look forward to seeing you at locally-owned companies everywhere we go!

Chris Whitson - Creator of ABQ Find
Christopher Whitson
Creator of ABQ Find

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