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ABQ find is the most trusted site for buying local. Please let us know if there are any locally-owned businesses in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho that you think should be listed with us by clicking on the link below.

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Price: One, low monthly fee. No surprises or gimmicks. No cost per click or impression fees. No extra options; everything is included! Month after month, there are no hidden charges. You simply decide if you want a FREE or PAID membership and cancel anytime you want.   Varies. Upgrade charges. Businesses are nickeled and dimed out of their advertising dollars. Cost per clicks and banner charges are extra! Not many free options that are worth a darn. And there is no level playing field when it comes to cost.
Co-branding: By grouping businesses together and advertising as a whole, more advertising dollars are spent, but the cost is spread among a larger group, reducing costs per business with better results. We also use our member businesses as examples when we are talking with consumers and other businesses.   Every businesses ad stands alone and resources are not shared throughout the group. Your business is only promoted if someone finds it on other sites.
Customer Localty Program: The ABQ Find Customer Localty Program is by far the most innovative way to attract consumers (and even tourists) to shop at locally-owned businesses in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area. By offering a points system with a reward discount, consumers will be eager to seek out and shop at our premium local members.   NO ONE ELSE DOES ANYTHING LIKE THIS for the local business economy! Just ask around.
Consumers who use us: Not only does ABQ Find bring qualified customers who WANT to shop local to businesses, but we also direct traffic from tourists as well. Approximately 25% of the visitors who come to ABQ Find are in other states. These are people who are looking for places to spend and things to do when they visit here.   It varies from site to site and service to service. Some sites target only tourism, some just local citizens, and some do both.
Payment Security: ABQ find uses PayPal's Subscription service. Transactions are processed on PayPal's secure servers, offering the best fraud protection. Payment is processed at the same time, same amount every month. No surprises! We can even invoice a business quarteryly if requested.   Varies. Some don't offer credit card payment. Some reload your account balance when it reaches certain levels. Who knows what and when you get charged.
Variety: Only qualified, 100% local businesses advertise on ABQ find, reducing the clutter. All paid member businesses are treated the same, letting the consumer compare ads where price is not the deciding factor in whose ad gets listed first in a search.   There are hundreds of thousands, even millions, of search results where the best exposure goes to the highest bidder. Some "buy local" listing sites have very loose requirements as to what local really is!
Common goals & Ethics: ABQ find, it's member businesses, and the consumers that use it share in the common goal of promoting and advancing local small businesses as the pillar of our economy. We all are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens in the Duke City and throughout New Mexico. We built ABQ find from the ground up right here in Albuquerque and our advertising and operating dollars are spent at local companies. Our entire infrastructure depends on local people and companies for us to operate. We don't even pay one cent for advertising unless the media outlet is 100% locally-owned. No Way!   All other advertising sites are in the business of making money, hence charging extra for upgrades, features, and exposure. There are also no restrictions on who their customer base is comprised of. When you dig down deep, even sites claiming that they are promoting local businesses are built and maintained by companies in other states, and have reduced "acceptance policies" to increase potential membership. Don't believe it? Ask us and we will point out the phonies in Albuquerque!
Value: ABQ find will be constantly adding new features soon including job openings, mass customer contact, and referral dicounts to businesses. All of these items, when introduced, will not increase the monthly fee. In fact, once we get past our first couple of years, we only anticipate our fees to be increased once every three years or so, because we're smart like that and almost everything here is automated and created locally.   Varies from site to site. Some haven't changed or added features in years, all while increasing prices. Others bring on new features with hidden costs. ABQ find will never raise the monthly fee because of added online features. Other supposed "local" sites seem to add our features to their sites months after we do and raised their prices.
Personal Care: ABQ find is a small business itself and treats all of its members and visitors like family. Locally owned & operated... personal, timely responses are just the way it's supposed to be done around here!   Sorry, but don't count on it....
Freedom: ABQ find's system is extremely flexible when it comes to advertising a small business. Our homemade adManager system allows you to log in and change your businesses info, coupons, categories, etc. instantly 24/7! Whether it's a free account or a paid member ad, describe your business as you wish and feel free to cancel your account at any time.   Varies from site to site. Some are cookie-cutter ads where you fill in some basic info. Some have term-length commitments.
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We are always striving to innovate new and exciting ways to increase sales for locally-owned businesses!

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